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Oct 15

Road Tales Don Juan by Dar.Ra

Road Tales
Don Juan.
by Dar.Ra
The Ten commandments, were all negative commands in my eyes, and should of been balanced up.
They should of had another ten that stated;
11. ‘Thou Shall Have Lots Of Fun, While You Have The Chance’.
12. ‘Thou Shall Hold Back For Nothing’
13. ‘Thou Shall Laugh At Every Opportunity’
14. ‘Thou Shall Rock Hard’
15. ’Thou Shall Not Believe A Word Anyone Who Works In Government Says’
16. ‘Thou Shall Not Get Wound Up By Idiots’
17. ‘Thou Shall Not Be Afraid To Strut Thy Stuff’
18. ’Thou Shall Dance Like A Crazy Thing’
19 ‘Thou Shall Not Worship Money, But The Ideas To Make The Cash (as long as they do not damage the planets or anything that live on them)
20. ‘Thou Shall Not Give A —— What Other People Think Of You’
We had been conditioned to fear everything, as if there wasn’t enough to keep you concerned by nature imploding on us, we had to fear, that if we didn’t worship this thing in the sky, - that looked like an old man, then we were how do you say in French?, ‘Buggered’.
I had total respect for people who held there beliefs in statues and buildings, as it gave you something to hold onto in times of trouble, a rock that inspired hope, but as regards the whole, believe in my God thing or else!; it was a turn off for me.
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Oct 13

Road Tales Final Edit!

Just finished editing the last chapter of the Road Tales book.
Who ever said writing books was an easy game!
Read through, artwork and release it!

Oct 03

Road Tales Chapter 9 The Gurus Disciple by Dar.Ra

I carried on dragging kit through, and on to the stage, no roadies here. Those guys earned their money, like steel pillars of the live music industry, they set up and broke down sets and stages without a single piece of glory, well maybe the odd lost groupie, but nothing on the level that a successful musician would get.

Still the kit kept coming through the doors, while other acts on the bill did the same, we tried to be pleasant but you felt the undercurrent of the unsaid, why don’t you just turn around and die somewhere else, was the rough translation.
Musicians hate competition, and that hatred is thick the further you slip down the food chain, it comes in many psychological forms.

You could say on a primitive level that it was fear, fear that you might take their crowd away, which translates into you being better than them and in the end taking food off their plates. No one wants to be out classed, unless you have no pride in what you are doing, and if that was the case you’d be better off staying at home and jamming in front of You Tube for the rest of your life.

Out here there were no stars, just a million people wanting to be and willing to kill to get that moment of glory. I had heard the story that Janis Joplin had said in her leaving statement to the band that gave her the chance to hit the big time, that she would kill anyone that stood in the way of her and fame.

That statement was no different today for anyone working their way up the bill. The road to stardom had been by passed by reality TV. The hard yards that bands had had to tread to get themselves heard was being left behind by their vocalists for the quick hit and run.

The one thing that was keeping me going on this unforgiving trail was the idea of moving people with a song. It was somehow buried deep in my DNA that music was still important, and songs from the republic of the soul meant something, it was a madness that was keeping this bus moving forward.

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Oct 02

50 posts!

50 posts!

Road Tales The Earth Mother Chapter 8

The new century had kicked in and we were all still in one piece, after all the computers were breaking down and planes falling out of the sky hype, the systems had not in fact returned to zero and therefore a complete world shut down avoided. Another doomsday scenario averted, though this time it was a field day for the computer programmers who were busy cashing in.

The internet was still a baby and was beginning to become the major new player in the world, how people did business and got their information would be forever changed. Victim number one would be the the music industry, the sleeping giant was on target to being brought to its knees. The dinosaurs were about to feel the onset of a meteor strike, which would alter the evolution of music consumption.

The new playing field would be a blessing and a curse to some that was for sure.
A fragile new game of keeping your details safe, while teams of smart criminals watched for a chink in the armour to swoop and to take full advantage, working 24/7 in a room with no air-conditioning or windows in Nigeria or Eastern Europe would be hard won. Welcome to the new age of technology, fear and paranoia.

The music industry was caught sleeping, old men in suits hired young guys in hoods to find out what was going on, but everyone missed the boat praying that it would all just go away and we could all go back to buying CD’s at £10 a go. The revolution was here and you were either on or off the bus as Ken Kasey once said.

In the mists of this new global confusion and a new war looming in the Middle East, the phone rang, I needed something to lift my spirit out of the new reality and this call was the closest thing to a get out clause. The phone line clicked, and I knew it was long distance.

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Oct 01


Sep 25

Road Tales Chapter 5 Mabel’s Story

Road Tales
Chapter 5
Mabels Story

Its London back in town after a long journey home, the first thing that hits you when you’ve been away South Of The Equator is the cold breeze of the a northern European Country.
I hit a hotel, to come down from the the flight and put the TV on, theres a war about to blow up, and various other feel good events that make me feel like this is not the welcome home news I need right now.

I turn on MTV for some music and find that they have shifted polarities and no longer play music, just play shows about Hip Hop Rapper Cribs and how many cars they drive. I wondered how they could afford such a lifestyle on the royalties that we now get post Napster.

Then I see thats its not about music anymore, its all about offsetting business with other business, make a loss with the music and right it off against your new clothes line and perfume sales, as well as your new celebrity hang out eatery, music was just a front for the operation.

I’m feeling like I’m coming down with a dose of reality and theres no place to run to other than my own dreams and thoughts, about when music was about real expression and artists you could believe in, not because they were dating some B list average actress or model.
This was a new age where you could make it big with a set of plastic breasts and a belief system that you were far more talented than you actually are. If you wanted rest bite and changed the channel their was more reality TV shows or presenters presenting shows about presenters who couldn’t present a raffle at a local fate.

It was time to reach out an phone a friend for some soul support and some career advice. I was feeling apprehensive as I dialled the number, each digit getting me closer to hearing that familier voice which added to the fear I get, when I’ve haven’t spoken to someone in a while. What if they tell me to ‘bugger off’.
The dialling tone seamed to last forever and I was just about to quit this reach out moment, when the phone line sprung to life and a voice said ‘hello’.

Hey Frankie its me, the line went quiet, and I thought here we go its bugger off time, then the voice came to life. ‘When did you get back in the country’ ‘This morning, I’m in town having a night of R+R till I get back to the world I use to know’.

It was going to be a long night, and with a faithful bottle of Vodka next to me the possibilities of ending up somewhere I shouldn’t, were waiting for me to call.
Books out soon!

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Sep 23


Sep 19

Road Tales by Dar.Ra (sample chapter)

Just going through the Road Tales chapters, thought I would share
This is a bit from Chapter 2 
The Digital Messiah

Here in the middle of the room holding court was our very own Digital Messiah who I shall refer to as DM for the duration of this chapter. Dressed in a flowing paisley shirt and day-glo MC hammer pants or close too that free flowing, let it all hang loose, design as you could get. His well travelled voice now was carrying across other peoples conversations.

'Its about 5 senses that you use to understand the world around, your cosmic spacesuit, the body we choose to experience this life through. Its all about taking control of what you believe to be true'.
I could hear bits of sentences echoing against mine, and I was beginning to favour his speech, and turned to face the DM.

'Understand how reality works, the last thing the powers that be is you raising above your 5 senses as you are easily controlled. ” The mainstream media program that sense of attention, with the information they want you to believe”. Friends in the room were all muttering the words 'thats deep man'

"Awakening is the expansion of the point of attention, as you move back you realise that theres more to the dot than your seeing. Its like the first time you use DMT"
‘DMT’ “whats that”? I said’ as it was the first time I had ever heard the abbreviation.

The DM replied ” It goes right through you, in it theres no separation, you come out of your pineal gland and your gone”

Books out soon!

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Sep 13

happier news: DAM FUNK INTERVIEWS GEORGE CLINTON: first funkadelic album in 33 years; Sly Stone on at least 5 cuts http://awe.sm/jLGoY