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Sep 13

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Hailsham Festival Is On

Just seen the Mighty Neil Povey from Hailsham FM who is doing a live show as the Tour Of Britain rides through the main drag. I’m going to be on his show Friday next week to talk about the World Wild Life EP Live 4 Love
The Hailsham festival is starting next week which looks amazing lots on, will keep you posted as I might be doing a live session next week!

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Sep 12

Is Music Still The Food Of Life

Press Release 

'Is Music Still The Food Of Life'

Live 4 Love EP 

'Live 4 Love' is the latest EP release written for the World Wild Life SOS fund after seeing the amazing work they had done to rescue Raju the elephant, who had spent his life bound in chains. 

Raju had been terribly treated by his handlers, used to give pleasure to tourists and then instead of thanks, was abused, left motionless and broken by the human hand. The World Wildlife organisation had found this mighty creature bound in chains so deep that they had penetrated his skin causing him to suffer acute pain, every moment of his troubled life.

The Wild Life SOS stepped up, without hesitation to make the courageous move of rescuing Raju after much negotiation with his uncompassionate handlers. Eventually they secured his release and found a sanctuary where he could live the rest of his days in safety. 

The song from the EP called ‘Sanctuary’  was inspired by Raju’s story, having touched Dar.Ra deeply. The idea was to make a record that would help him and other animals suffering a similar fate though the cruelty of human actions. In the current climate where human life is being looked on with no value, its easy for the animal kingdom to become invisible in our own struggle for survival. 

Dar.Ra is an Irish Born Music Producer and Performer, who has a track record that started in the 90’s with chart success at EMI and BMG records, 
working with bands such as Taste Of Paradise, Bliss and Urban Harmonix. Dar.Ra went on to remix Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Tears for Fears and countless other acts along the way.  Recently Dar.Ra, has written music for films and documentaries in the US,. Recent films starring Hilary Duff, documentaries on Brazil’s street kids and had music featured on BBC TV shows such as ‘Match Of The Day’ and their ‘Rough Guide to World’ series

Kusha Deep is the his label and home to all releases by him,having been set up in 2003 to give the music a safe haven and a place to find its way out to the world. 
The music has moved from genre to genre but always remained soulful and intelligent, with countless release’s gaining Radio and TV support around the world.

Two other tracks on the EP called  ‘The Lights’ was inspired by Robin Williams passing, in the hope that people will reach out in the dark hours and not ‘Let The Lights Go Out’ before they get help for their blues. The third track ‘Amnesia’ was originally penned for a dance act called KDX, as the subject matter was about dealing with the pressure of modern life it seemed a good idea to do a new version and place it on the EP.  It would be fair to say that what happens in the world affects Dar.Ra and his way of dealing with it is to write about the subject and offer some hope through the strengh of a melody and performance.

With music and films like this we can keep the debate clear in the minds and the airwaves of the world. ‘Love 4 Love EP’ is keeping that debate open and with your support we can raise more awareness, regarding  the issues that affect our lives and the planets future. ‘If music be the food of life’, then let it mean something and in that meaning lift the spirit to greater levels than we ever thought possible.

Out on Kusha Deep Music soon!
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Sep 04

Live 4 Love EP about to go walkabout!

Live 4 Love EP 3 Tracks for the World Wild Life SOS Fund.
Preview the mixes before it goes out to the Big Bad World.

Aug 12

The last laugh!

A Great Light Goes Out,
Good Night Vietnam, Good Morning Heaven!
RIP Robin Williams.

Aug 07


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